Every year people in the United States contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to charitable organizations. The spirit of generosity evidenced by this level of giving, the resulting vitality of the nonprofit sector, and the intense competition for charitable funding are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The organizations that benefit most from this environment are those who know how to ask for their share. Competent consultation is often the key to their success.

When you work with Douglas Himes Associates, you get the full range of our expertise and experience. We understand how nonprofit organizations work and how to lead them in effective fundraising. We understand why people give, how to ask for their gifts, and how to thank them for their generosity. We understand how to maximize their gifts through cash contributions, securities transfers, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, life insurance, and estate planning. In our customized program for your organization, we will be with you at every step to meet with your board, to help clarify and communicate your mission, develop your case, recruit your committees, train your volunteers, assist with solicitations, access vital support services, and ultimately help you raise enough money to reach your goals and cover our fees. Furthermore, through our unique integrated approach to funds development and our commitment to donor education, you will build a broad base of financial support and awareness that will remain long after your campaign is finished; and we will be there to offer follow-up counsel at no cost throughout the payment period of the campaign—typically three to four years.

How important is it that you reach your goals? It is important enough to do it right the first time. Ineffective fundraising not only raises insufficient money; it also creates obstacles to future efforts. We can help you do it right the first time. When you work with Douglas Himes Associates, your goals become our goals, and our success becomes your success; and that can be the most important ingredient in your master plan. You simply won’t find a better partner than Douglas Himes Associates.

Consider your dreams. Consider your goals. Then talk to us. You’ll be glad you did.